For more than two decades the National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) has set the agenda for women's issues nationally and given weight to the collective voice of Australian women. We can only keep doing this with your support.As a member you can help develop and advocate those policies.You will receive a newsletter and be able to attend high profile events and you can help other women’s groups raise money for their projects.Your member fee or donation will assist to:
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    The Australian Women's Archiving Project



    Upcoming events

    Senator Katy Gallagher entertained 100 of us at dinner at the National Press Club in Canberra on … [Read More...]

    Upcoming event – Canberra – Tuesday 17 November 2015

    'From Chief Minister to Senator' National Press Club of Australia, 16 National Circuit, … [Read More...]

    Melbourne event held 28 July 2015

    More than 50 of us listened to the Hon Kelly O'Dwyer, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, … [Read More...]



    New Fair Agenda report shows impact of proposed cuts to Paid Parental Leave:

    - low-income women are going to be particularly hard hit - nurses, teachers, ambos and retail … [Read More...]

    Superannuation reform is the perfect opportunity to address gender inequity

    Rather than using the savings from superannuation reform to lower income taxes, we should use them … [Read More...]

    FTB changes- NFAW Statement

    The National Foundation for Australian Women is profoundly concerned by revised proposals by the … [Read More...]



    NFAW supports WEL’s campaign for long term funding for Women’s refuges

    This is a bid for $2b over 5 years for C/S funding -- details - - WEL proposal ATT A Women's … [Read More...]

    Vale Joan Kirner AC

    NFAW extends its condolences to the family of the former Victorian Premier, the late Joan … [Read More...]

    Role Model Website Launch

    from today, fantastic and inspiring women who work in male dominated occupations and industries … [Read More...]