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Marie Coleman talks about Women’s retirement income in the Drum

If the Turnbull Government is serious about bolstering women’s retirement incomes and supporting their economy security, it should start by reversing its decision to scrap the Low Income Superannuation Contribution, writes Marie Coleman. Read more –

Family Tax Benefit

Proposed Family Tax Benefit saving robbing Pauline to Pay Peta.

While less appalling than the Government’s original proposals, the revised Family Tax Benefit (FBT) reforms are unlikely to have a significant effect on workforce participation, particularly in those states and territories with high unemployment, claim a range of workforce experts including the National Foundation of Australian Women (NFAW), Equality Rights Alliance (ERA), economic Security for Women (eS4W) and the Work and Family Policy Roundtable (W&FPR).

Read the Media Release here – NFAW release – FTB 2015 FINAL

Click on the link below to read the article in The Drum 23.10.2015

Tax and transfer group welcome

NFAW welcomes the Government’s review of work disincentives in our tax and transfer systems

Read more:

Oct 2015 tax and transfer working group Morrison

Oct 2015 NFAW release – Barriers to work 2015 (002)

NFAW supports WEL’s campaign for long term funding for Women’s refuges

This is a bid for $2b over 5 years for C/S funding — details –

WEL proposal ATT A Women’s Refuges and Housing Bill 2015 draft 17 Sept 2015

WEL Proposal -Women’s Refuges and Housing Program Sept 2015

The goal is to get agreement to the proposal at the Council of Australian Govts (COAG)meeting to be held at the end of November.

We need to show the extent of community support for the proposal. We encourage people to sign on to a petition on the WEL website