The history of the SA organisation, which is in the AWAP Register, dates back to 1926. It peaked at 30,000 members, and was the driving force behind key social changes including consumers’ rights, price controls, widows’ pensions, a children’s court, free milk for schoolchildren, date stamping of bread, pensioner concessions, disabled parking spaces and group buying at discounted prices. SA was the last remaining chapter of a federated organisation that once boasted 175,000 members—for a short time the largest woman’s organisation in the country.



The e-commerce website is very important to Bima Wear as it means it can now sell its fabrics to the world.
Bima Wear is a fabric printmaking and clothing business based at Wurrumiyanga (formerly Nguiu), Bathurst Island, Tiwi Islands off the coast of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Twelve Tiwi women work full time producing fabric prints and sewn garments in brilliant bold designs, central to Tiwi culture. Eight women have worked with Bima Wear for more than 30 years: three since its inception in 1969. Dedication and morale is strong among the women, and they make all the decisions about the future of their much-loved enterprise.