Budget 2014 – Women the biggest losers!

The biggest losers from the 2014 Federal Budget are women from virtually all walks of life, a detailed and disturbing analysis of the implications of the 2014-2015 Budget has found.

The National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW), a leading non-partisan women’s advocacy group has found that:

  • An unemployed single mother with one eight-year-old child loses $54 per week or 12 per cent their disposable income.
  • Single mothers earning around two-thirds of the average wage lose between 5.6 per cent and 7 per cent of their disposable income. 
  • A single-income couple with two school-age children and average earnings loses $82 a week or 6 per cent of their disposable income.
  • An unemployed 23-year-old female loses $47 a week or 18 per cent of her disposable income. 
  •  For employed women using Family Day Care an immediate price rise in the order of $30+ per week per child is likely.
  • The increase in child care fees for parents on JET (Jobs, Education & Training) Child Care Fee Assistance and reduction in hours of JET subsidised care available will discourage participation in work and training.
  • Changes to university funding and housing security are likely to impact on women disproportionately.

How the budget fails

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