Will NXT really protect our PPL? – The Parenthood Campaign Update

There have been over 12,000 people join our campaign to save paid parental leave with over 4,600 individual emails sent to each member of the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) urging them to stand up and protect our PPL.


Yesterday we learnt that the Xenophon Team intended to keep the pre-election commitment they had made with Fair Agenda that, if elected, they promise to ‘vote to protect the current paid parental leave system and oppose any diminution of the current system’.

However, we also learnt that whilst they “won’t support the legislation as currently proposed” they do intend to negotiate with the government to amend the legislation to achieve a “fairer” and “more equitable” scheme.

NXT may suggest that a woman’s access to the government PPL be means tested based on her household income (so taking into account what her partner earns) rather than based on her individual income (as is currently the case capped at $150,000).

Means testing on household income would completely alter the concept of paid parental leave – no longer would it be a work related payment but a social welfare payment.

But we’ll have to wait until the end of the week to find out what a fairer more equitable paid parental leave scheme would look like for the Xenophon team.

Given Australia currently has the least generous PPL scheme in the world any move to improve our PPL is definitely a step in the right direction – but we have to be careful that any proposed changes do not then undermine PPL and what it was designed to do.

So I’ve amended the email you can send to the NXT team to help remind them of the following as they negotiate on PPL with the gov’t –

  • Paid parental leave is not social welfare – it is a work related payment that recognises a parent (who in most cases is mum) HAS to take a period of time away from work to have, care and bond with a newborn baby and so shouldn’t be financially disadvantaged for doing so
  • The financial support the government’s PPL provides women not only helps them to afford the time they need to be with their baby, it also keeps them connected to their workplace, assisting with their eventual return to work (hence it’s a productivity measure not a welfare measure)
  • Any amendment to the government’s PPL scheme that would limit or reduce access for any woman who is currently entitled to receive PPL, would be seen as a broken election promise given their assurance that they will ‘vote to protect the current paid parental leave system’.

Our fight to save our PPL is still a way from being over, despite promising comments from the Xenophon Team. So we need to keep the pressure up on NXT urging them to protect the PPL 80,000 parents currently have access to and depend on.


Mr Turnbull is counting on the three NXT Senator’s to make cruel and unfair cuts to our current PPL scheme in the name of budget repair and “fairness”.

But there is nothing fair about taking paid leave entitlements away from hard working Aussie mums – no matter who their employer is or what their partner might earn.

Let’s keep up the great work!

– Jo at The Parenthood
The Parenthood · 22 Petrie Tce, Petrie Terrace, Queensland 4000, Australia

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Protect our Paid Parental Leave!

WHO and Australian child and maternal health authorities recommend 26 weeks. The current scheme facilitates that by setting a minimum of 18 weeks (paid for by the taxpayer) as a floor under workplace entitlements.

The Government wants to change that to effectively 18 weeks maximum. Women will be forced back to work early through financial stress, doing harm to themselves and the baby. To cap the situation, there is minimal available affordable child care for infants.

NFAW asks you to write as soon as you can to Senators of every Party – Greens, Labor, NXT, Lambie, Hinch….


Read more about the Call to Protect Paid Parental Leave 

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NFAW has expressed concerns about a discussion paper on the training component of the Government’s proposed PaTH program


FECCA’s submission is available at:


NFAW supports WEL’s campaign on women and children’s safety

Women and their children across Australia are escaping domestic and family violence everyday. If you could spend only 2 cents a day to provide them with safe housing and support services, would you?

Well now you can.

The Women’s Electoral Lobby calculates that the $200 million a year (for five years) needed from the Commonwealth to fund our Women and Children’s Safety Program is just 2 cents per Australian, per day.

We know most Australians would say YES to paying that amount to save the lives of women and their children.

Will you take the 2 cents pledge?

Tell our federal political leaders the following pledge:

“To keep women and children safe, I am willing to pay 2 cents a day.”

CLICK HERE Take the 2 cents a day pledge


What is the Women and Children’s Safety Program?

The Women’s and Children’s Safety Program (WCSP) is a five year $2 billion program developed by WEL and supported by more than 30 leading organisations including Chief Executive Women White Ribbon Australia, Women on Boards and the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

WEL has written to the leaders of the Liberal Party, the ALP, the Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team asking them to commit to a $2 billion commonwealth-state program to secure effective long-term funding for women’s refuges and other emergency services for women and their children escaping domestic and family violence.

Click HERE to read the letters and see which leaders have responded.

NFAW is pleased to see

that its Gender Lens on the Budget has had an impact on ALP policies on women – follow this link to the ALP Women Brochure

The National Women’s Alliances womenvote.org.au website is a hub of information on casting an effective, informed and independent vote.

The five National Women’s Alliances have come together to encourage women to use their votes in the 2016 Federal election. It’s important that women’s voices are heard in this election. We want women to vote in a way that reflects the diverse lives and experiences of women in Australia.

But really using your vote means more than just turning up on election day and sticking your ballot in the box. Your vote needs to be effective, informed, and independent.

Please visit the site, share with your networks, post on your facebook pages.

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Support women’s reproductive rights across Australia

Reproductive Choice Australia was formed in 2005 and February 2016 marked the ten year anniversary of their first successful campaign (in conjunction with GetUp!) – to remove the Federal Health Minister’s veto over importing and using abortifacient medication such as mifepristone (RU486) in Australia. This was the essential first step in providing Australian women with the option of medical as well as surgical termination of pregnancy – an option which has become slowly but increasingly available and in high demand over time.

Reproductive Choice Australia remains the country’s only dedicated national abortion-rights advocacy organisation. They work both publicly and behind the scenes with politicians, policy makers, health services, abortion providers and others to continue to fight for the reproductive rights of all Australian women.

In Australia women still do not have adequate access to the full range of reproductive options and appropriate reproductive health, particularly in regional and remote parts of our nation. Abortion remains governed by criminal legislation in a number of jurisdictions and affordable and accessible contraception and pregnancy termination services are still limited.

There are currently moves afoot in several states and territories to change their laws (some public, some not yet so) and RCA’s capacity is being stretched trying to help out in all cases as well as an urgent upgrade of our website to share resources with other advocates.

Can you support this important work by giving a donation to fund our campaigning, advocacy and policy work?

Reproductive Choice Australia is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation staffed entirely by volunteers. They receive no government funding, and depend entirely on donations to help defend and enhance women’s reproductive freedom. It is only with your support that we can continue this important work.

Please consider making a donation.

You can make a tax-deductable donation through NFAW http://www.nfaw.org/donate/ (choose Reproductive Choice Australia from the drop down menu). You can donate on our website by PayPal or by direct debt or cheque.

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Together we can improve reproductive choice for all women across Australia.

NFAW supports WEL’s campaign for long term funding for Women’s refuges

This is a bid for $2b over 5 years for C/S funding — details –

WEL proposal ATT A Women’s Refuges and Housing Bill 2015 draft 17 Sept 2015

WEL Proposal -Women’s Refuges and Housing Program Sept 2015

The goal is to get agreement to the proposal at the Council of Australian Govts (COAG)meeting to be held at the end of November.

We need to show the extent of community support for the proposal. We encourage people to sign on to a petition on the WEL website www.wel.org.au

Vale Joan Kirner AC

NFAW extends its condolences to the family of the former Victorian Premier, the late Joan Kirner.

“Marie Coleman, Chair of the Social Policy Committee, said that Mrs Kirner had been a good friend to the NFAW, especially in the early years of the Australian Women’s Archives Program. Ms Coleman added that she had known Mrs Kirner from the 1960s, when both were involved in the Victorian State Schools Parents’ Clubs. ‘Joan was always a strong supporter of women in every field. Her contribution to education and public life has been enormous.’

Role Model Website Launch

from today, fantastic and inspiring women who work in male dominated occupations and industries ‘tell all’ on a website designed to encourage secondary school girls to consider ALL work opportunities.

The website, http://www.security4women.org.au/rolemodels/

5 highlights:

* some of the many talented women working in ‘non-traditional’ jobs
* the pathways to these jobs and
* links to a range of innovative programs that encourage girls to explore all careers

Click here for the full media release, promotional video as well as interviews with Senator Michaelia Cash, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, secondary school girls looking to work in these industries and the Chairperson of economic Security4Women, a National Women’s Alliance.

Please circulate this message to promote the useful class room resource and encourage young women to explore ALL career options.

Like our eS4W Girls Can do Anything facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/eS4Wgirlscandoanything

Click here for the Media Release online [8]