NFAW – Election 2013



The Equality Rights Alliance, with the involvement of economic Security for Women, and the Equality Rights Alliance is developing a project to encourage women to use their vote and use it wisely.

Work is in hand with the aid of the Australian Electoral Commission on developing a dedicated web-site, with social media promotion, which will outline how to enrol, and understanding voting processes.

ERA is producing summaries of major Party policies, based on material in the public domain- these are being checked with each Party before being finalised.

NFAW through a sub-group of the Social Policy Committee is developing for its web-site non-partisan critical examination and comparisons of these policy summaries. A new section of has been established for carrying material related to Election 2013.

There will be hyperlinks established between the ERA, eS4W and NFAW sites.

Women’s organisations affiliated with ERA and eS4W are being encouraged to link their websites and Election 2013 asks with these web-sites also.

The first critical comparison work is on Parties’ policies on Paid Parental Leave.

Other priority issues will follow, including tax and transfers, superannuation, workplace attachment-gender equity, Child Care, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and affordable housing. These will be updated as new policies or changes are announced.