• Setting the agenda for women’s issues in Australia
  • Incubating and establishing Women in Boards – the leading online network to improve the gender balance on boards.
  • What women want – drawing together a coalition of women’s organisations to influence government policy making.
  • Paid maternity leave achieved following NFAW getting it back on the national agenda.
  • Pay equity debate
  • Welfare to work legislation commentary and subsequent amendments
  • Workchoices legislation shown to be inequitable
  • Affordable rental housing for women on the agenda inlcuding development of suitable financial models
  • Reform of the tax system – identifying the impact on women, particularly in relation to superannuation
  • Support for reproductive health issues, including Abortion Law reform
  • Providing a voice for Australian women’s organisations
  • Initiating a coalition of women’s organisations

Since 2004, NFAW has played an influential role through the work of the Social Policy Committee in the following public policy debates:

  • Health futures (2005)
  • Access to pregnancy termination and the approval process for RU486 (in collaboration with the Public Health Association of Australia and the Australian Reproductive Health Alliance)
  • Changes to the industrial relations system and welfare support for people of working age (2006–07)
  • Paid maternity leave 2006–09
  • Paid parental leave implementation 2009–2013
  • National Women’s Health Strategy 2009
  • Out of School Hours and Vacation Care 2008–11
  • Australia’s Future Tax System 2009–11
  • Pay Equity
  • Affordable rental housing for women