Social Policy

Social Policy and Women

The work of the Social Policy Committee is focused on the impact of government policies on the status and well being of women and girls. The committee is strongly committed to evidence-based policy, and commissions leading academics to undertake research to inform its considerations. It initiates work, responds to Parliamentary enquiries and works collaboratively with a wide range of like-minded organisations.

Focus areas

  • gender analysis of the Commonwealth budget
  • pay equity, including changes affecting low paid workers that may increase gender inequality of pay
  • income support
  • housing affordability that reduce the economic security of women
  • early childhood education and child care including regulations, pay equity and occupational health and safety
  • NDIS implementation for women with disabilities and mother of children with disabilities
  • women’s access to affordable and comprehensive health care, especially reproductive health policy
  • impact of changes to the taxation system including in relation to superannuation
  • paid parental leave

‘Supporting quality research that informs policy debate’