The objectives of the NFAW are

  • To advance and promote the interests of Australian women.
  • To record and make accessible the histories of Australian women.
  • To ensure women’s achievements are handed on to future generations.

It achieves these objectives by:

  • promoting and encouraging discussion and debate on all issues pertinent to the advancement of women
  • promoting research and collecting, evaluating, disseminating and interchanging information and other material relevant to issues of pertinence to women
  • supplying groups within the broad women’s movement with information strategic to advancing the interests of women
  • linking to and improving communication between women’s organisations
  • monitoring and reporting on the situation of women as required
  • providing financial and other assistance and encouragement to studies, research, conferences, seminars and other means of studying issues and sharing knowledge to advance the interests of women;
  • sponsoring or contributing to lectures, scholarships, prizes or other awards or contributions to advancing the interests of women
  • cooperating with and promoting cooperation between individuals, trusts, corporations, institutions, governments and other bodies in Australia or elsewhere to advance the interests of women
  • encouraging the availability of or producing or making available materials relevant to advancing the interests of women, including books, monographs periodicals, pamphlets lectures, films and the means and products of electronic communication taking any other action deemed appropriate for advancing the interests of Australian women.
  • Advance and protect the interests of Australian women in all spheres, including intellectual, cultural, political, social, economic, legal, industrial and domestic